Happy New Year! I sure do love a new year, fresh start, new goals, and a new agenda. I had the opportunity to speak at our local Rotary Club this week. I really enjoyed the group. I especially enjoyed that they were involved and asked questions. I could talk about real estate all day long. Everyone always ask how the market is doing. Our market is stable in Elk City. We do have a lot of homes on the market for sale. So sellers have to put a good product out there. If you are considering selling your home this year go ahead and make your new years resolution to start working on your home to get it ready to sell. What I mean by this is start decluttering, start deep cleaning inside and out. If you have dated wallpaper I strongly suggest you take it down. If you have children get them to help you we know they help make the mess, in my house they do anyway. If you are not sure how much to take out of your home call me. I am happy to help. I want your home to sell just as much as you do. My broker has always used this example when it comes to getting a home ready to show and I love it. This is how he compares it. When a lady gets up and gets ready for the day to heads out of the house she gets dressed, puts on her make up, fixes her hair, puts on some perfume and accessories. She wants to look nice and presentable. This is how you need to think about your home when it is being shown. You would not roll out of bed and go to work in your pj's and not brushing your teeth right? Well I don't want to show your house with all of the beds unmade, trash piled up, smelling like smoke or pets and dishes in the sink. I want your home to stand out for the best of things and not the worst. Does that make sense? Again, I am here to help!